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About the BID


Leeds Business Improvement District (BID) has three key aims; to raise standards, raise awareness and add value by doing more things better for the benefit of all the businesses in the BID area.  That includes retail, hospitality, commercial and corporate, arts and culture, leisure, third and public sector  including the local authority and the NHS trust represented by Leeds General Infirmary.

Only by working in partnership and speaking with one voice will we achieve our collective aims.

It’s a five year project launched in April 2015 including 952 businesses in the LS1 and LS2 postcodes.

For the full business plan please click here.

The Bid

Leeds Bid is run by a management team lead by Chief Executive Andrew Cooper, supported by marketing director Martin Dickson with Karen Butler in charge of Placement and Delivery.  They are the hands on team, but they have the support of representatives from all sectors of the business community in the shape of the board.

Prew Lumley is the chair ably backed by Andrew Latchmore, Sarah Dear, Helen Green, Sandy Needham, Judith Blake and Sam Perry.

Raising the Game for the City

Going above and beyond.  We want everyone to think safe and clean when they hear the word Leeds.   Already, Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police and BACIL  work together to keep the BID area fit so that  everyone can enjoy being in the city centre.   But we’re going to do more; Leeds BID will invest in major projects to make Leeds a really great place to do business and keynote events to focus the world’s gaze on Leeds.  We’re going to do more so that Leeds is ever ready and open for business for everyone 24/7.  No ifs, no buts.

Raising Standards

Leeds is already recognised as one of the UK’s top destinations for business and pleasure.  The city attracts the brightest talent attracted at the prospect of the opportunity to taste the best of art culture, sport and hospitality.  We can do more; Leeds BID will invest in projects that will make the city a trailblazer for innovation in its welcome, environment, opportunity, diversity and range.  The rest of the world will follow our lead.

Raising the profile

Leeds BID wants more people to enjoy the city longer and create greater prosperity for all its businesses and citizens.  We can only do this with a co-ordinated message that amplifies our achievement.


There’s no point doing more of the same.  Leeds BID will innovate projects that add to the existing offer across all sectors of business, supporting growth for retail, corporate and commercial, hospitality, leisure and public enabling them to grow. Our investment will focus on improved accessibility, great connectivity, better services, a cleaner safer environment, even greater diversity and the WOW factor.


The Leeds Business Improvement District is operated through the company Leeds BID Limited (the “Company”) and we would like to invite you to become a member of the Company in order to share your views with us and influence how the Leeds BID applies the funds it receives from business owners in the area.

If you become a member of the Company you will be entitled to send a representative on behalf of your business to attend, speak at and vote at the annual meeting of the members of the Company (and any other members’ meetings which may be called).  You will also be entitled to appoint a proxy to vote on your business’s behalf if the appointed representative is unable to attend a particular meeting.  If you do not become a member of the Company, you will only be allowed to attend and speak at a meeting of the Company at the discretion of the Chairman of the meeting and you will not be entitled to vote on any matters proposed to the meeting.

The Company is a private company limited by guarantee.  This means that all members guarantee that in the event that the Company becomes insolvent, the members will contribute towards the repayment of creditors.  If you choose to become a member of the Company, your liability under the guarantee would be limited to maximum of £1.00.


Application to become a member of Leeds BID

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To download a copy of the full business plan, please click here