BID Bettakultcha & Big Ideas

Leeds Business Improvement District is bringing the high-octane Bettakultcha format of presentation networking to employees of levy-paying businesses.

Leeds Business Improvement District has brought the high-octane Bettakultcha format of presentation networking to employees of levy-paying businesses.


BBBig Ideas is more than an event, it’s a community of change makers, of visionaries, of people who believe in the power and potential of extraordinary ideas.


We do more than think outside the box, we break it, rearrange it and use these pieces to think from new perspectives.  We ask the BBBig questions and discuss the BBBig Ideas.


Events feature four speakers, each with five minutes to discuss their ideas on a significant contemporary subject.  Presentations are lively, obscure and always interesting.


Just turn up with an open mind and lots of business cards to make the most of this informal networking opportunity and enjoy this fun, fast-paced session. An investment of your time is guaranteed to be amply rewarded!


Dates and themes for 2019 are:


27 February - Fantastic Plastic

2 May - Food For Thought (Bring your own)

19 June - It's not about me

26 September - Reinvention

27 November - What is Success?