Future Leeds


"The best way of predicting the future is to create it". Wise words you may well have heard in textbooks from management theorist Peter Drucker. But what has this got to do with the city of Leeds? Well, this quote in many ways sums up the shared passion and drive of not just LeedsBID and the team, but many of the people we work with and alongside to help shape the future of Leeds.


Looking back over the years and years of history, Leeds has been at the heart of it all. Industrial, economic, social and technical revolution can be found here. Leeds has been the centre of great production and progress - wool, cotton, iron, print and engineering you name it, we did it! The oldest flying aeroplane in Britain was built here, the 2nd Ryder Cup and first in Europe was held here, we gave the world Marks & Spencer, the birthplace of suffragette Leonora Cohen and home to the first ever commercial railway.


The history of Leeds is phenomenal and it's great to use this history to learn and celebrate, but we don't let this hold us back. Our history has always been an opportunity for 'loiners' and visitors to learn more, ignite interest and passion even further.


We are a melting pot of industry, activity and creativity and you can feel the ripple effect that this has on the city and its people. But the purpose of a city is changing. There is no city out there that isn't going through this shift right now.  After all, the high street is changing, people are working differently, our lifestyle continues to change. But in Leeds, we are seeing a difference. It's not about moving out of the city to find opportunities. We have opportunities right here on our doorstep. We are big, yet our city is compact, reachable and diverse.


When sitting around the table recording the latest episode of the podcast ‘Future Leeds’, the buzz around the city kept coming up in conversation. Leeds continues to be a place of production and progress. The industries may be different to that 800+ years ago, but Leeds continues to flex and move, with a bustling retail and hospitality offering, the largest legal sector outside of London and a growing digital and tech scene.

“We continue to create our future by not always looking left and right, we are focusing forward to the future and continue to embrace the change we see every day in our city”
Andrew Cooper, LeedsBID Chief Executive


Would you like to hear more about the future of Leeds? Listen to the first episode of the Future Leeds podcast, featuring LeedsBID Chief Executive, Andrew Cooper, and Marketing Director, Martin Dickson, sponsored by LeedsBID. Available to listen to here: https://open.spotify.com/show/198u2BOnBBPAbU7jWh1BLy