Leeds creatives spell out the city with new look lettering

Artists from across Leeds’ fantastic spectrum of talent have taken over LEEDS – spelt out in vibrant new designs on the train station concourse’s giant lettering.

Each artist brings their own unique approach to the new design, from bold graphic forms to the abstract and psychedelic. The artists are united by their shared, hands-on working practices – so, true to form, the artists have painted directly onto each letter’s canvas to create five unique artworks.


Leeds Dock donated an empty unit over an entire weekend for the artists to use, busily spraying their designs to completely overhaul the lettering and reinvigorate it with a new artistic aesthetic.


The Windows of Leeds project, brought to the city by Leeds Business Improvement District (LeedsBID), is about highlighting Leeds' ever-evolving creative talent. It stands as an impactful welcome, there to interrupt the everyday and spark thought and conversation with the thousands of people that pass by each day.


Stephen Woowat from Leeds design studio Something More, which led the project, said:

“This commission is about giving exposure to areas of the creative community with a big cult following, but not always seen widely within the public domain. Each artist’s practice is deliberately tactile – so this was a chance to paint, draw and stencil directly onto the letters – something that hadn’t been done before.”

New artwork for letters in Leeds Train Station


Andrew Cooper, LeedsBID Chief Executive, said:

“We are delighted to be unveiling the new look Windows of Leeds on the city, using this central platform to celebrate and showcase the diverse and talented artistic community here in Leeds.


“It is great to see one of the first installations unveiled by LeedsBID now firmly established as an iconic welcome, a familiar meeting point and a firm favourite as a photo backdrop.”


Vinny Burke, Leeds Station Manager for Network Rail, said:

"We are always looking at ways we can Improve customer experience at the station and art installations are one way we can do this.


"The new artwork really brightens up the station and will create a warm welcome for anyone visiting the city and we are delighted to have worked with everyone involved in the project."

Meds One

Meds One is an artist from Leeds who comes from a long line of printers and therefore alphabet enthusiasts, so naturally he was drawn to graffiti from a young age. He has been active painting since 2007 and now travels to paint at events around the world.

Matt Blak

Matt Blak is a leading illustrator in his field and has an acclaimed and diverse range of successful projects across many contexts - from large-scale murals and toy packaging to logo design and screen printing. Being highly proficient in both traditional and digital design methods, Matt meets new projects with a positive approach and a dedication to getting results, while communicating his ethos and sharing creative direction with his clients.


TONE is a Leeds-based street artist, pulp iconographer, illustrator and all-round scallywag. TONE’s arresting portrayal of men, women and cult icons in a world of pure consumerism, romance, relationships and conspiracy theories is unleashed through vibrant illustration, typography and mixed media. TONE has been active on the streets, pasting up large-scale pieces, as well as producing digital prints and hand-painted wood integrating neon tubing.

Modes of Expression

Modes of Expression are best known for their vibrant murals, found in (and around) Leeds.  Drawing inspiration from specific locations, its people, and its histories; Modes take a hands-on, playful approach to liberating unique perspectives through their large-scale, hand-painted artworks. Offering a discerning eye for tasteful colour palettes and a daring sense of scale, Modes’ strive to make contemporary, artistic contributions to the city in which they live.

Cortisol Kid

Cortisol Kid is a graffiti and tattoo artist based in Leeds. His work concentrates on bold lines and strong use of colour with a psychedelic feel.