LEEDSBID Street Team grows

The LeedsBID Street Ranger Team is going from strength to strength as it makes a mark on levels of cleanliness in Leeds city centre.
Just one year on the streets, the team has grown in number and doubled cleaning capacity

The LeedsBID Street Ranger Team is going from strength to strength as it makes a mark on levels of cleanliness in Leeds city centre.


Just one year on the streets, the team has grown in number and doubled cleaning capacity to help keep the streets and walkways clean, and has quickly become established as a vital additional resource as part of the drive to improve the physical welcome and overall experience for all city users.


The team, which now consists of 10, is operational seven days a week covering the 1 sq. mile BID area, providing a planned and reactive street cleansing service as part of LeedsBID’s aim to make a real difference in the city centre.


A highly visible team, they focus on street washing and chewing gum removal, using the latest eco-technology including four electronic tow vehicles and five hot water high pressure steam cleaners. Working to a planned programme of deep cleans, they concentrate on main gateways, key pedestrian routes and high footfall areas.


The Rangers have cleaned and removed chewing gum from the length of Leeds’ oldest street Briggate, and since January alone have deep cleaned the equivalent to the full length of the City Loop three times over, with plans to do so five more times by the end of the year.

They have quickly made an impact to key parts of the city centre including Leeds Station and bus station, Buttons Yard and Dortmund Square to name but a few as well as the areas surrounding landmark buildings such as the Corn Exchange, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds Minster, Leeds City Museum and Leeds General Infirmary.


The team also work alongside other city centre organisations cleaning up after city centre events and festivals.


The Rangers’ reactive work is making just as much impact with the team responding to individual business calls to attend at more than 60 city ‘hotspots’ per day, with requests ranging from debris removal to jet washing and disinfecting.


“The LeedsBID Street Ranger Team provide a great service – they are friendly, helpful, with attention to detail and the front of our premises are looking much improved as a result of all their hard work,” said Pub Manager Michelle Crooke from The Stick or Twist, on Merrion Way. “I look forward to them coming back again when needed.”


Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive of LeedsBID, said: “The LeedsBID Street Rangers are creating high visible impact and support all businesses and organisations in the city.  One of our key objectives is helping to improve the Welcome to Leeds and visitor experience by raising cleanliness standards across the city centre.”


“This ongoing initiative is made possible by the businesses in our city centre who are working collaboratively with us to ensure we all create that essential positive first impression of Leeds.”