Powerful partnership to support Leeds businesses going green


A powerful partnership between LeedsBID and Leeds-based Yorkshire Energy aims to bring competitively priced renewable energy to city centre based businesses.


BID Power offers businesses 100% green electricity at competitively priced tariffs by dealing directly with the supplier.


The aim is to assist local businesses and organisations in meeting energy consumption needs and sustainability targets.


Every unit of electricity used supports renewable generations (backed up by Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates) from UK based solar, wind and hydro generators. Customers can obtain a certificate detailing their commitment to purchasing renewable energy and helping to tackle climate change.


And the service is supported by friendly and informed account managers based on The Calls, Leeds, who are available to come out to businesses to discuss and assist with energy related enquiries. Bespoke tariffs to suit specific needs can be created and businesses can also get an energy audit.


By switching to BID Power (based on average SME usage on supply with YE = 20,000 kwh):

  • A 20,000kWh business would save enough CO2 to fill Leeds Corn Exchange nine times.


  • Switching to Yorkshire Energy would save 5661kg CO2 from entering the atmosphere. (Compared to 20,000 kWh of non-green usage). That’s the same amount of CO2 that would be produced driving from Leeds to Bradford and back, 907 times in a medium sized car.


Peter Connolly, Chairman of Yorkshire Energy said: “Yorkshire Energy are proud to partner with Leeds BID by bringing fairly priced, competitive tariffs to local Leeds businesses. At Yorkshire Energy we supply 100% green electricity, helping businesses, of all sizes, reduce costs whilst meeting their sustainability targets.”


Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive of LeedsBID, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Yorkshire Energy, working with a Leeds-based supplier to help and support businesses move towards greener options at the same time as having the opportunity to reduce costs, helping to contribute to a greener city.”


Interested businesses can find out more on t: 0113 451 0700; e: bidpower@ye.co.uk w: https://business.ye.co.uk/