Teams On The Streets

LeedsBID’s distinctive street teams focus on providing that all important welcome to Leeds city centre and creating a lasting impression to residents, visitors and commuters.


    The Welcome Ambassadors

    LeedsBID’s own distinct branded welcome to Leeds which has quickly become an identifiable and valuable city centre resource

    • a high quality professional meet and greet team providing a warm, friendly and knowledgeable welcome to all city users
    • human signposts who add value with their expert city knowledge
    • helping inform vital customer profile intelligence and details on how the city is being used.
    • working alongside key relevant partner agencies, communicating issues if necessary to the appropriate organisations e.g. BACIL, Town Centre Security and West Yorkshire Police.
    • providing a vital link on the streets to the businesses in the BID area, carrying out visits to provide information on the activities of LeedsBID.

    Did you know?

    • During the first 12 months, Welcome Ambassadors engaged with 235,000 people
    • assisted over 53,000 people to find the location they were looking for
    • on average ambassadors engage with 959 people a day
    • And they cover the whole BID area, walking an average of 10-12 miles a day

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    Street Rangers

    The LeedsBID Street Rangers provide a focus on the physical welcome city, with the aim of enhancing the look and feel of the city centre.

    • a highly visible team, carrying out an enhanced cleansing service seven days a week across the BID area
    • concentrate on jet washing, chewing gum and graffiti removal
    • undertake a programme of rotational deep cleans of key areas of the city centre - main entrances to the city such as the train and bus stations, key pedestrian routes and high footfall areas
    • carry out reactive cleans on public and private property, responding to requests from businesses / levy payer

    Did you know?

    • The rangers’ first major clean-up in the city centre was Briggate, where they spent six weeks jet washing Leeds’ most prominent street, which is the length of three football pitches, and removing an estimated hundreds of thousands of pieces of chewing gum.
    • Other landmark sites/ areas to have been given a rangers’ clean up include Albion Street, Dortmund Square, Buttons Yards, the Corn Exchange and West Yorkshire Playhouse.
    • The team are equipped with four electric environmentally friendly vehicles which work with five high pressured jetting units.
    • have deep cleaned the equivalent of the full length of the city loop eight times over in 2017


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    Evening Ambassadors

    The Leeds Evening Ambassadors extend that all important city welcome into the evening and overnight and help ensure people have a great evening out.

    • Assist, advise and guide those coming in to Leeds after hours for entertainment, leisure and pleasure.
    • Are out and about every Friday and Saturday from 10pm to the early hours (4.30am Fridays and 5.30am Saturday) in addition to Bank Holiday Sundays (plus Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve)
    • Can be found at taxi ranks throughout the city centre as well as providing a street presence in popular areas of the city centre
    • Work alongside other organisations to help identify anti-social behaviour, and work on early intervention and crime prevention in liaison with city centre venue owners, door staff, Street Angels Leeds and emergency services to ensure Leeds is an attractive, welcoming and safe place to be.
    • The new team is primarily funded by LeedsBID, with support from Leeds City Council and BACIL (Business Against Crime in Leeds), as part of ongoing collaborative work to strengthen and improve people’s experience of the city’s evening and night time economy.