Welcome Ambassadors one year on…

In February 2016, LeedsBID introduced its own distinct branded Welcome to Leeds, with the launch of the Welcome Ambassadors.

A year on, the Ambassadors are now an identifiable and valuable resource in the city centre, providing that all important friendly welcome to residents, employers and visitors alike.

A high quality professional meet and greet team, they act as human signposts, adding value with their expert city knowledge and enhancing the Leeds welcome for everyone.

On average, the Ambassadors engage with over 900 people a day while covering the whole BID area, walking on average of 10-12 miles a day

During their first year,

– The Welcome Ambassadors have engaged with over 235,000 members of the public

– They have assisted over 53,000 people find the location they were looking for

– offered a professional meet and greet service at numerous high profile city events

The Ambassadors provide a link on the streets to the businesses in the BID area, carrying out visits to provide information on the activities of LeedsBID. They also help inform vital customer profile intelligence and details on how the city is being used.