The Welcome Ambassadors – The story so far…

In February 2016, the Welcome Ambassadors hit the streets of Leeds – highly visible in their distinctive uniforms, topped off with a bowler hat.

In February 2016, the Welcome Ambassadors hit the streets of Leeds – highly visible in their distinctive uniforms, topped off with a bowler hat. Their main purpose to enhance the welcome experience in the city through providing a professional meet and greet service for all city users and giving a lasting impression of friendliness and vibrancy.

The ambassadors provide expert guidance and knowledge, directing people to relevant locations to meet particular needs, meeting and greeting tourists, visitors, commuters and business representatives in a complete street concierge package, seven days a week. They can assist with everything from finding your way to and from the station to great places to shop, eat and drink to visiting key areas of cultural and historical interest to the city’s hidden treasures.

The LeedsBID Welcome Ambassador team represents the largest single ambassador squad in the UK; no other city in the country boasts a welcome team which has greater reach and engagement, making Leeds a market leader in terms of the welcome it offers visitors.

A major part of the ambassadors’ role is the welcome they provide on the city’s streets on a daily basis, and they are already making an impact:

-Within the first three months (March 1st – June 1st) they have engaged with 70,000 members of the public on the city’s streets

-Over the course of a year they will engage with nearly 350,000 people – that’s an average of 959 people per day

-They have assisted over 4,500 visitors find where there going in the city

-They have highlighted nearly 600 environmental issues to be addressed

The ambassadors have also supported various public events and corporate activities in the city.

Last month they were on hand to help visitors and spectators in the city for the Leeds Half Marathon.

“I want to extend a massive thanks to the Welcome Ambassador Team who were around on Sunday. They were a huge help to our team throughout the day,” said Emma Griffiths, Head of Operations for Jane Tomlinson’s Run for All.

And when Crowne Plaza Leeds re-opened its doors, ambassadors provided an additional meet and greet element to proceedings.

Katie O’Hara, Director of Sales at Interstate Hotels Europe, said: “Following the Boxing Day floods, where the Crowne Plaza Leeds were forced to close for 2 months, the hotel held a big opening event, where the Welcome Ambassadors stood outside, dressed in their full outfits, welcoming all of the guests.  A perfect touch, after such a tough few months – a great asset for Leeds.”

If you want to follow our ambassadors’ day-to-day activities, check them out on social media.

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You can find out more about some of the team members at ‘Meet the Leeds Welcome Ambassadors’.