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Summer Roadshow

June-July 2022

To help bring some energy, colour and old-fashioned fun to the city, we’ve brought our Summer Roadshow to 3 key locations during lunch. Wellington Place, Sovereign Square and Central Square.


Bringing seaside fun and games to the office sector.

The unique Summer Roadshow featured at one of three sites throughout the office sector at noon, for an alternative way to relax each lunchtime.

To add to the British summertime fun and feel, the LeedsBID Summer Roadshow brought all the fun of a seaside fair, with a host of games like High Striker, Giant Jenga and Connect 4, Coconut Shy, Seaside photo frame, Volleyball, Badminton & Cornhole.

Other activities included musical, comedic, and other types of entertainment, accompanied by free ice-cream and very special LeedsBID sticks of rock too, all enjoyed whilst being sat on deckchairs in the area.