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16 June 2022

Continued collaboration with Forge delivers benefits for city centre

Continued collaboration with Forge delivers benefits for city centre

The resourceful partnership between LeedsBID and Forge Recycling continues to help improve recycling rates of city centre businesses while bringing environmental, economic and operational benefits.

Working in collaboration, LeedsBID and Forge Recycling introduced the only seven-day commercial waste and recycling collection service in Leeds city centre. Four years on, the service is on average saving LeedsBID levy payers 20% as well as dramatically increasing city centre recycling rates.

The service is part of LeedsBID’s commitment and investment in helping businesses and Leeds city centre become greener, more environmentally friendly and cost efficient while enhancing street aesthetics.

Many LeedsBID levy payers have signed up for the service which has the capacity for diverse recycling streams and flexibility collections, with a 97% first time collection rate.

Forge provides a bespoke service for businesses, carrying out an initial waste audit to assess individual needs to collecting general waste, mixed recyclables, cardboard, food waste, glass bottles and confidential shredding.

The success of this continued collaboration is resulting in LeedsBID levy paying businesses recycling 50% of waste on-site, before further segregation sees around 70% of overall waste recycled, with 0% going to landfill.

In addition, over 120 trees have been planted to offset carbon produced by LeedsBID levy payer refuge collections in the city centre during 2021.

Forge has committed to offset all carbon produced from collecting waste through UK and international schemes including tree planting projects in the UK – over 6,000 converting former arable land into a sustainable forest in Thrimby Pasture and close to 900 trees in Scotland – and helping prevent deforestation in 28,000 hectares of pristine rainforest in the western acre state, in Brazil.

Chris Hale, Forge’s Commercial Manager said: “We have had our new waste collection vehicle decorated to relay the message that we are committed to combating climate change. It is capable of collecting both glass and food recycling in separate chambers, which results in less vehicle movements in the LeedsBID area and less carbon produced. We run modern vehicles and operate with the latest technology systems, to ensure collections are made in the most efficient way, again reducing carbon produced and our impact on the environment”.

Businesses interested in finding out more about the local, reliable Forge service can contact Forge Recycling on t: 0345 5050 905 or e: leedsbid@forgerecycling.co.uk