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21 July 2022

Moniker x LeedsBID x Hilton Mural

Moniker x LeedsBID x Hilton Mural Mural Title: “Here We Go Now"

An injection of colour is being added to a Leeds walkway thanks to a creative collaboration between LeedsBID, Hilton Leeds City Hotel and Moniker Culture.

They have come together to make a public art mural, headed up by the ‘pop botanical’ style of UK artist Josephine Hicks, possible on a wall of the hotel on Little Neville Street.

Combining the way-finding nature of the brief with her bold and infectious style, Josephine has created a colourful design to transform the rear of the hotel into a vibrant painterly wonderland – bringing some colour to the street and the south entrance of Leeds Station.

Standing at 20 metres tall, at its highest point, and 50 metres long, the mural, entitled “Here We Go Now”, is a bold project with a lead time of 10 days and 5 artists, led by Hicks – a designer and painter known for her large-scale murals that typically celebrate connections between nature and biodiversity in urban environments.

Jo Hicks studied Fine Art, where she first found her passion for screen printing. This, coupled with her growing ambition and influence from her brother Ed – an expert in the field of street art and graffiti – encouraged her to experiment painting at a larger scale. She continued to develop her collage methodology (where she compiles her designs by layering shapes, botanical imagery and archive photography) which is the strong foundation to her practice today – giving her work a nostalgic feel with a contemporary and surreal sensibility.

Fast-forward a number of years and she has now collaborated with high profile brands, institutions, independent businesses and community groups, producing a diverse body of nationwide commercial work in an impressively short period of time.

It is great to see this mural underway, bringing some much-needed animation to an important entry point to Leeds city centre, continuing LeedsBID’s quest to add colour and creativity to the streets.
Karen Butler
Head of Place, LeedsBID

Jo’s unique visual style leaves audiences with space to form their own narratives, giving her work longevity and feeling of timelessness – paralleling the aims and hopes for this new public mural.