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Big Change Leeds


2018–February 2021

Making a difference together

A collaborative campaign which brought the city together to help make lasting change to those in need on the streets of Leeds.

Connecting people wanting to help with ways to help, Big Change Leeds raised awareness and funds to provide practical support to those in genuine need through the city’s network of charitable organisations. The provision of small yet essential items (clean clothes, a bus pass, phone or furnishing for a flat) making a real and positive change to the lives of people on the city centre’s streets.

“Time and again the Business Improvement District in Leeds has brought business and communities together for the collective good. Big Change Leeds is a great example of this.”
— The Reverend Sam Corley

In numbers

Raised in first year milestone


Funding given to help those in need


Individuals benefitting from Big Change Leeds to date


Charitable organisations in the city involved